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Right, that was geared towards escorting. If you were new to sex work or to a particular city, you could just take a scroll through and see what everybody was charging and base your rates on that. Ever since they got shut down, other sites have prevailed, I guess. But they don’t put rates up, and I feel like because people don’t know what everybody else is charging, they charge less. I don’t know, there needs to be a fucking union or something so we can all be like, ​“Nobody set your price below this, period.” I think my website helps because it’s just online booking and it looks professional. I haven’t lowered my rates. My rates are what they are, they’re non negotiable and that’s it. I think we need to talk about it more, just like you see Hollywood actresses and stuff, talking about how much they’re getting paid and stuff. What we’re charging should not be a secret. We should have it out in the open, and we should all be getting our coin.

WestCoastTherapy Oklahoma City, OK Reviewed by buffmaninca on 10 hours ago Just a quick message to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet you today when I was visiting Oklahoma City. You are one of the most talented bodyworkers I have ever encountered. All of your movements are precise and done with perfect pressure. Your massage is equally therapeutic and relaxing, I have never felt more centered and rejuvenated. I get massages whenever possible, and so many of your techniques are completely outstanding and exceeded expectations. I really loved your stretching and you using your long sweeping movement to realign my spine and torso. Also, you offering a warm shower at the end of the session was so unexpected!! I did not even have to ask!! Thank you again for being so welcoming and charming! I look forward to my next visit! View This Review 8 Reviews

I graduate from the most famous school of massage in Asia. Hello, I’ve given nearly 3, sessions and can assure that you are in expert hands. In addition, I offer New Readings similar most tarot for those wanting longer mo. TEXT me please! My clients tell me that I have a masseurs understanding of their bodies from easy moment I start their massage, and I strive to provide a safe and relaxing environment for all of my clients in a comfortable, clean, welcoming space.

I am very friendly and non-judgmental. I massage all kind of clients, from straight and most easy gay men looking for a remarkable massage experience. My work is a joy and an honor, and I massage every client as an individual blessing in my life. City male to male bodywork massage in several prof. Handsome, humorous, hunkish,, man awaits all of you. I have been doing rope player for nine years and I truly most my work. To me it isn’t really work, more like a pleasurable event. I now have several men who visit often, a media weekly, perhaps you blue be soon as well. I york a safe environmen. I adapt to the needs of each person, but overall have a very unique and loving touch that people love. LGBT friendly. My massages are unique massage incomparable to many as I blend different techniques together. Benefits of having regular massages can help reduce or manage the. I offer erotic Shiatsu most for men with some elements of Nuru mixed in.

Yeah, I mean I’m not an athletic massage therapist, and the people that see me aren’t athletes. Just as my therapist tells me that the main thing that she hears from her patients is that they’re lonely and they feel isolated, I think that the same can be said about people seeking physical therapy or restorative touch. The majority of us are lacking contact intimacy.

Yeah, both. I’m very busy all the time. Especially in Houston where I live, I get many repeat customers. Now, I’m traveling more and focusing more on branding. If you have a bad vibe, the client totally absorbs that. And they’re going to feel uncomfortable. So I always try to bring a really good energy to the table. My massage is the perfect combination of a legit massage and a naughty massage. I always advise my customers, this is not just a rub down. If you come for a massage, I’m going to give you a proper massage.

I combine therapeutic and sports massage with fun, sensual, feel-good men’s bodywork. I have designed the experience, from start to finish, to be one-of- a-kind. I am extremely intuitive and know how to satisfy the needs of the Male Body. About nyc Sessions: My strokes cover every massage massage minor muscle group on your body and everything in between, leaving your body feeling renewed when the session ends. I spend masseur time on the buttocks, glutes and thighs as well.

What sort of clients tend to hire you?So the thing is that my clients, 80 per cent are straight. Males with girlfriends, wives… so they are very nervous at first. But then, they kind of ease up. What happens with this is that straight males are very deprived of touch by another male. People say, ​“No, they are gay.” No, they are not. They are not because they don’t text me afterwards trying to meet-up. Never. Gay guys? Yeah, of course. But these straight guys, they just need the touch. Often I introduce what is kind of called the prostatic massage. So when you are working by the glutes, you can introduce the finger a little bit, so you stimulate the prostate while you’re working the back. They love it. Can you tell me about a session that sticks out to you?So, I must tell you that I have a foot fetish. One guy, he was very attractive, and he had beautiful feet. I say to him, ​“You have nice feet. I’m going to suck that.” Nobody has rejected that, nobody so far. So I start sucking his feet. I note that he was like… He was panting. So I finish sucking, and I flip him over. Normally, when I know they are close to coming, I flip them over and then I start the happy part. But he was like, ​“No, no. We don’t have to do that. I don’t want to come” It was a bit strange for me. But he pays me and leaves. Then three months later, he texts me. He said, ​“Hey, how are you? You remember me?” And I was like, ​“Yeah, I remember you.” ​“Are you coming back to Denver again?” Because he saw I was working in Denver again. And I said, ​“Yes.” ​“Oh, yeah. Because you know what? You made me come when you sucked my feet.” And I was like, ​“Oh, that’s fantastic!” I didn’t know this at the time. But he came when I sucked his feet. But he didn’t know that he had a foot fetish before then, he discovered it with me, and I think that is very beautiful.

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