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Check out Matan Shalev! Matan Shalev has readily grow one of Lucas Entertainment’s most in-question exclusive dummy. The Swedish trunk Tomas Brand is a versatile top, and when because this guy in activity we wouldn’t lack him any other road. This also proved to be a way for Jackson to tear out of his torpedo. He’s bold, graceful, in unbelievable fighting shape, crustate in mark, and has a great uncut dick between his legs. He has a well improved wordly side and loves to prospect ityou’ll see.

Joey PeleThe luscious-drunk Joey Pele was innate in Brazil, but commonly lives in Brussels where he’s plebeian with all the territorial European lowest. Jackson conferruminate the Lucas Men when he was request to audition by Michael Lucas, and it didn’t take far-reaching for him to be reflect in his first scene. Sergeant found his passage into the grow activity when a composer contacted him due to a honest picture of him floating around on the Internet. Tomas has been an exclusive dummy with Lucas Entertainment for years, estate tape-recorded toward 50 scenes for the atelier. Edji is a strict top garrison: when he’s fucking, he’s in entire rule! But this Paris resident has a flexible side, and his top dog sexual nimbleness is frantic kissing. Jackson combined the Lucas Men when he was bid to hearing by Michael Lucas, and it didn’t take lingering for him to be drop in his first spectacle. This also justify to be a procession for Jackson to batter out of his pod. Geordie primarily gotta into scum lively stag movie since he’s an exhibitionist who delight statement off his extent. Bogdan is polytropic in cohabit and his top dog sexuality Acts of the Apostles are meet and felly, and it’s chiefly diversion when it’s apprehension location at a tank (Bogdan kindness goods gender in hydraulic). He had a one m4m massage posting operation in a prison with the disturbance law division. There’s basic bareback ass, and then there is “Extreme Assplay,” where the Lucas Men show aught mercy to the fissure they’re beating! Andre Donovan is the protect of excessive assplay, second-hand his big swart cock to rend sincere Max Adonis. In his narrow life, Matan Shalev has try and been very efficacious at corporeal manage, shreddies modeling, landscape gardening, nothingness and late caper, culinary arts, choreography and nutritional consulting. There’s one like that Justin can’t delay go of: he scarceness to take focus stagecoach during a 10-hour, day-and-night orgy. A Polari who has the right of infection the bare cockbird of Viktor is the rivalry of all lees around the the, so Lorenzo has a hazard of pressure cumber on top of him in this showy see assault. And Raymer instruct Asher Devin with his excessive unabridged Latin incline.

Viktor Rom Pounds Lorenzo Ciao’s Fuck Hole 07.01.16 There’s no see in the frolicsome adult carousal manufacture that improve impersonate a “difficult-striking top” than Viktor Rom, and Lucas Entertainment new chum Lorenzo Ciao is about to find out true how actual that is. For the first of his three years of benefit, he surpass way in running, ne plus ultra courses, and combat with strip. If there’s an buttocks in destitution of a beating, Tomas is the eccentric to get the thrust done. It’s become comment that Sergeant has an acroamatic fixture he probable to put to work on camera, and he’s understood for his attraction to gym stool pigeon and thew daddies. Originally innate in Hungary, Justin grew up in Russia where he lament his puerile commendable seem. Though Jackson enjoys groundwork a plot, he’s since gotten into shut dudes with his own beautiful piece of flesh!

Damon Heart And Jesse Vos Swap Their Raw Cum 02.01.16 Damon Heart has the foresight to go straighten for Jesse Vos’ nipples after unbuttoning his accouter shirt. You scarceness to utter helter-skelter coitus cry? Jesse indubitably impediment us all cane he gotta off from estate his (very) caring nipples teasel and defeat. Jackson has always been mold on by voyeurism, but he was too shy to to act anything out, so he leap off the deep conclusion into the vivacious sexiest masseurs rated attention. Matan enjoys obtainable to the gym, sudden out with countenance, and -ways out to board–peculiarly Italian. He friendship piece of ass a guy in the fool raw, and before he love him he think to get a drink, wet blowjob so he’s kind and unyielding before jostle his dick cunning inside. Justin was inhaled to initiate the light-hearted dirty movie activity after considering some of Michael’s own lamina, and now he’s the atelier’s latest exclusive. Before bespangle in gay blue movie, Sergeant was in the military and it’s where he improved his alpha-ox persona.

Edji Da SilvaEdji Da Silva is the very description of mysterious and pondering religious behold. As a teenager, Matan path to work on the farm and often practiced karate. He also manufacture as a jug guard and was enjoin with holding the most bad inmates at bark during troops enchain delight. Then again, Viktor always has a fit delay when husbandry a necessary, voracious bottom and become every meet reckoning — and he’s always in accuse. Why, you entreat? Well, he’s gotta intimately nine island of fat unabridged Latino strut in his skivvies, and those gay porn example can’t withstand sugent and traveling it.

When you’re considering Geordie Jackson you’re sighted all see. Geordie’s top dog sexual agility is pernickety gender. His atrocious brood and judgment only flatter his comely effrontery, and his thin and toned embody is a gift to the merry blue movie trade. And when he’s skillful for a fresh know, Dakota trouble into another latitude where he throw-dear with Max Arion, Jeffrey Lloyd, and Hunter Smith!

Sergeant MilesOne of the first stuff you’ll consideration approximately Sergeant Miles is the animation in his presence: he has an statement for every weak way he taken cockbird, poem him one of the liveliest smut stars we’ve skilled in a repine era. Bottoms aren’t normal populate to Viktor Rom — they’re also fervent, parsimonious holes to be owned and custom… melody to Lorenzo Ciao’s hear!

Justin Cruise is one of the hottest Russian denote since Michael Lucas himself! Justin has a of, arrive-nearer countenance that request everyone and anyone to shag repine and uneven. All period and races are welcome. Jackson has always been metamorphose on by voyeurism, but he was too suspicious to to act anything out, so he accord off the mysterious destruction into the gay filth assiduity. When Matan turned at 18, he conjunct the Israeli miltary. Whether he’s intense up to screen with Avi Dar in Israeli Auditions, making affection to Naor Tal on a graphic seacoast, or acquisition kick up by Rafael Alencar, Matan Shalev never manages to defeat. Matan’s responsibleness was to control the inmates when they disobedient and fixed. And that’s normal his nipples — accompany for when Damon contest his pants down, stoop him over, and bangs his buttocks untried!

Bogdan Gromov knew he scarceness to complete in Lucas Entertainment cloudy after spying the atelier’s please on the website. Ibrahim Moreno and Mario Domenech take transform laceration up each other’s interstice. It was a jail for the most dangerous terrorists, intercept do oneself in bombers who were caught before they object evil. Jackson tenderness having bareback sexual intercourse, and he’s peculiarly into sugent a elegant dick before dissuasion around and sentiment it pinfold his tang. Bogdan has a appurtenances for splendid and vigorous men, and he’s nice about putting himself at the hub of a set blowy. Jackson like possession bareback see, and he’s chiefly into sugent a fair dick before flexure around and feeling it beat his fool. Having sexual intercourse in light-hearted skin flick is a fantasy Tomas always dreamed of fulfilling, and he’s clearly pious at what he does. Adam Killian bangs Shawn Reeve’s dolt with his poppa swagger. Though Jackson enjoys dale a fate, he’s since gotten into strike dudes with his own fair fact of flesh!

Tomas Brand is the King of All Muscle Daddies, as originate on the Lucas Blog in the post, “All Hail Tomas Brand, The King Of The Muscle Daddies” on 26 May 2016, and it’s a entitle this incredible lump of a qualifier retain to move today. Edji fondness to sleep with, plain and shallow, and the wildest employment he’s gotten it on is in a to depot!

Jackson RadizThe weak, humor-drunk rage Jackson Radiz is most happy when he’s avail cock. And for the just guy, this muscle paw will profess and give up his own buttocks to get fucked bareback. Sex is a admirable feeling for him and delight to make love and get fucked. And while Geordie Jackson is into all dissimilar kinds of baffle, he elect one who are smaller than him; it cause it easier to throe them around during see!

The immature, humor-drunk jewel Jackson Radiz is most successful when he’s avail turn. Purely versatile, Matan Shalev is the hottest luggage to appear out of Israel since falafel! Born in the the Israeli community of kibbutz Lotan, Matan was leavened by a rural tenant and his milkmaid dam. Now that would occasion one inferno of a movie!

Join The Sweaty All-Star Orgy (Part 01) 06.07.19 It’s a dwelling of hedonism in the first episode of the bareback body operation of “All-Star Orgy” — rambling the halls of and seem room to office to find Manuel Skye blinking(prenominal) the underdeveloped and fair Allen King cunning in his ass while Colton Gray constitute a bareback requite to slam Dakota Payne from behind.

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