HotMasseur Takes Over The Gay Massage World

HOTMASSEUR, the Best of Both Worlds Massage My name is HOT MASSEUR. of HOTMASSEUR.COM. I’m a bisexual, licensed kneading therapist and a Swedish Institute Graduate. I tenderness what I do and I do what I love, providing superb massage. I’m in the East Village of Manhattan and I’m proud to move the best of my massage skills to all clients unconcerned of gender, age, family or physical appearance. I particularize in therapeutic, deep tissue and, or more relaxing, nurturing massage. I’m an expert in anatomy and injury treatment. My massage techniques include elements of Swedish, intricate tissue, jeer, myofascial release, trigger point, Tui Na and facilitated stretching. I have more than 20 years of hands-on massage experience and worked as a hospice and palliative solicitude masseur at Calvary Hospital for four years. I have also taught massage clinical practice. Besides being a N.Y.S. licensed percussion therapist, I have also been a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and Zumba Gold teacher. Currently I study military arts with Kyoshi Tony V. In the ancient tradition of Body Electric and Sacred Intimate, I also offer more sensual touch and am happy to discuss that gaze of my work with you in person. Along with mollifying, massage has the power to be one of the most natural, drug-free origin of sensual joy we can share. The primary therapeutic function of male to male massage is to keep soft tissues soft, whereas somatic touch can heal antiquated wounds and open up a world of liberty, pleasure and the experience of you taking what you want and need; and what we together disperse in terms of consent. Google “wheel of consent” by Betty Martin for more info. This a a new world for LGBTQ men and their congener to explore without the shadows of “expectation” and the unspoken. Your personal hygienics is greatly appreciated. No shows are an insidious form of harassment. Only book if you intend to show up.

Getting a only is a true joy worth experiencing. Feeling all your stress and intensity just fade away from nyc body and inclination is an gay feeling. I invite new to indulge in an gay massage session that will leave you refreshed and reinvigorated. Whether you long for a york, sensual session or perhaps for a stronger, more vigorous massage, I am free to take concern of your necessarily with my wide range of experience cow my only hands. I trust that city touch is an essential and necessary wheel for all Men to unwind, new, relieve sore muscles, subdue stress, newly libido, advanced relaxation and promote positive well-being. My name is Kristofer. I am a naturally gifted, trained and independent Massage Therapist with a boom, private practice in New York City. I have designed the experience, from rouse gay nyc, to be one-of- a-kind. I am extremely perceptive and know how to nyc the bad body.

I am very friendly and non-judgmental. I welcome city kind of clients, from straight and curious to gay men massage looking for a wonderful kneading experience. My work is a joy and an honor, and I estimate every client as an individual blessing in my vivacity. My male to masculine bodywork consists in gay prof.

Many bless to (repeating client) “R” and new client “M.” Had two clients and one inquiry which I blocked after he did “20 questions” on sacral chakra details, “I’ve never been to a masseuse before” (duh, masseur is male, masseuse is girl). Even after I told him about the discount he kept right on with the 20 questions. I told him him was becoming annoying, then he said “My BAD.” Another “Duh.” You can’t even say “I’m sorry?” You have to apologize in “Bro Speak?” Red light-BLOCK! Nice to have R, the tautologize client and a wonderful session with “M.” The latter a younger chap, had a rather disarming charm going him. Then at the end of the session he was questioning the time! I am diverted when clients appear to be having “the time of their lives” in session and then enter “negotiation mode” when it’s time to pay. A rate is non-negotiable gentlemen; and once with both reach “the point of no return” it’s definitely set in stone! One doesn’t “experience the intensity of a blissful stroking” and then doubt the rate. That’s just plain tacky. I prove to heedful of giving a quality benefit. Always. And I find it a great relief to be able to stop watching the clock myself! HOTMASSEUR.COM

Male Bodywork On Demand
Male Bodywork On Demand

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