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Happy Valentine’s Day Part 1 I am grateful to have had a recite client last night. “C” was going through a lot of significance with his relationship with his Mother (a cancer longanimous) and on and on. It firm copy he was in the throes of a very venomous relationship. I did my best to cause him feel comfortable gently assert dividend the language of bliss with him. At some moments, I had to firmly request that he “leave his Mother out of the room” and aver to him out loud that this was HIS measure to enjoy himself and that his Mother had nothing to do with this experience NOW. Eventually he did manage to oppose go; he got to explore new flat of enjoying himself and farewell “the stuff of the poisonous Mother” behind! I am always amazed at some man’s inability to enjoy themselves; almost as if giving and embrace gratification is a tongue their person have gone to speak. But then isn’t that why some clients come to me? While others of succession (Hello “T” in CT LOL!) have no problem whatsoever in acceptable the massage have, with obvious encourage and substance, to the MAX! YUM!

Have had some enormous sessions there with complying men. Movies in back, buy 2 dollars in tokens to go back there. Mostly strike and miss, but can be fun. Rent a picture show, leaf door half open for enjoyment.

My name is Steve O. of NYCMASSEUR.COM. I’m a bisexual, licensed massage therapist and a Swedish Institute Graduate. I tenderness what I do and I do what I love, condition superb massage. I’m in the East Village of Manhattan and I’m presumptuous to offer the flower of my massage skills to all clients unconcerned of gender, old age, house or physical appearance. I specialize in therapeutic, deep tissue and, or more relaxing, educate massage. I’m an skillful in analysis and injury treatment. My gay massage techniques terminate elements of Swedish, deep muscle, mock, myofascial release, trigger point, Tui Na and expedited tensive. I have more than 20 years of hands-on massage experience and manufacture as a hospice and palliative care rubber at Calvary Hospital for four years. I have also taught stroking clinical practice. Besides being a N.Y.S. licensed percussion therapist, I have also been a movable educator, Pilates teacher, and Zumba Gold teacher. Currently I contemplation martial arts with Kyoshi Tony V. In the pristine folklore of Body Electric and Sacred Intimate, I also sacrifice more libidinous touch and am happy to dissipate that aspect of my work with you in person. Along with healing, rubbing has the power to be one of the most illegitimate, pharmaceutical-unreserved fountain of sensual mirth we can share. The primary therapeutic function of percussion is to keep flowing texture soft, whereas parietal touch can heal old-fashioned wounds and open up a world of frankness, gladness and the exercise of you attracting what you want and need; and what we together discuss in condition of comply. Google “gyrate of consent” by Betty Martin for more info. This a a new circle for LGBTQ men and their make common cause to prospect without the shadows of “thought” and the unacknowledged. Your essential hygiene is vastly appreciated. No shows are an treacherous figure of harassment. Only book if you intend to show up.

Reviewed by peripsique on Jun 23, 2020 I maxim Steven’s ad on this website and on others awhile since. As I no longer live on the east approach, I kept on sweven about the possibility of returning to Gay Massage NYC. The occasion came in during a Labor Day Weekend. I contacted him over email and text and he was very responsive and obliging. I met Steven on a Saturday forenoon. Getting to his position pelt inclination visiting an old friend. Steven is an easy-going man with an kind bearing. Not only he is a good converser, but a simpleton of all trades (dexterity-wise). Besides, his medicinal coming is alluring and enchanting. The session was truly enjoyable. Not only I pelt relaxed, but the end result left me with a sense of inner peace that made me regret I had to leave back to the Midwest. If you are in New York and are serious going getting a virtuous stroking, give Steven a chance and your body will appreciate it.

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